Welcome to Purple and Sage’s Blog!

February 20, 2010

Welcome to Purple and Sage Property Maintenance’s blog!

We are excited to share this journey of Vermont property maintenance with you. We’ll be providing tips, resources, and sharing our experience (the good, the bad, the ugly) with you here.

More than anything, we want to know what you think, what your questions are and how we can help you.

Please comment below! Help us create conversation around eco-friendly property maintenance options, “how to” information, and what you need help with.

We love what we do (which is why we’ve been doing it for more than twenty years!) and our clients are some of our favorite people.

You have our promise. We will never spam or share useless dribble here. Ok, well, we may occasionally share a story with you about our favorite canine, Jackson, but hopefully you’ll come to love him as much as we do so you won’t really mind. =)

We look forward to connecting with you! (Oh yes, and Think Spring!)

Penny, Julie, (and of course), Jackson

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