Spring Lawn Maintenance List and Six Tips

February 26, 2010

By now you’re probably beginning to realize that we believe in planning!

Yes, we’re already preparing for the Spring maintenance season and all that it brings.  In addition to black fly season and rain, spring is the perfect time to prepare your home and lawn for the coming months.  Here’s a short list of the items we consider most important.  Of course, if you’re our client you don’t have to worry about this list because we take care of it for you.  For those of you that aren’t, see below.

  • Ready your mower.    People overlook this thinking that, like the energizer bunny, their lawn mowers will just keep working and working and working with no TLC.  Not so.
  • Early spring is an excellent time for seeding your lawn.
  • Cool season grasses often take a beating during the hot summer months, especially when we don’t have adequate rainfall.  If this happened to your lawn, the optimal time to overseed would have been the Fall.  (Sorry!)  The good news is, Spring is the second-best time to overseed your lawn to rejuvenate it.
  • Once the snow leaves and warmer weather trends, think Spring Flowers!  This is the time to loosen mulch around your daffodils and tulips.  Remove the mulch from crocuses and snowdrops, and the rest of the perennial bed should stay intact.  Just take note to see when the shoots start coming up and then give them room to breathe.
  • Early May is a good time to begin the process of keeping crab grass at bay.  Did you know that corn gluten is considered an organic alternative to chemical herbicides?
  • Here’s another natural tip for getting rid of unwanted dandelions.  Use vinegar! You’ll need vinegar with a higher acetic acid level, so if you are using a culinary grade vinegar, boil it down to make it a bit stronger.

Stay tuned for more information on preparing for Spring.

If you’d rather not take care of all these things yourself, give us a call.    802-343-6378

If you have specific questions, let us know below!

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