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November 3, 2010

vt-property-maintenance-rakingIt’s officially that time of year in Vermont, right before winter, when our lawns need some late-fall lawn care.  If you are in Addison or Chittenden Counties, here are some lawn maintenance tips we recommend.

Don’t Cut Your Lawn Too Short

If you’re planning to fertilize for the winter, it’s important that you not cut your lawn too short before it freezes.   Three inches is a good rule of thumb.  If your lawn is too long it can lead to matting with the winter snows.  Cutting the lawn too short requires the grass to put energy into repairing the tips of the grass – and those are resources that would normally be reserved for spring.  So keep your lawn around three inches, and you’ll give it the best preparation for winter.

Rake Leaves and Remove Debris

When mulched, leaves can provide a great source of nutrients for a lawn.  However, considering the plethura of trees in most Vermont yards, it’s not advisable to mulch a large amount!  Raking the leaves is advisable, especially through early to mid-November.  After that, if you subscribe to mowing your lawn once in November, and if there are only a few leaves on your lawn, let the lawnmower help with mulching them!

Remember to remove garden hoses  and other debris hanging out on your lawn.  It’s important for the lawn to get unobstructed sunlight – when the sun shines, that is.  (grin.)  Also, if you don’t want to risk having the water hose freeze, or worse yet, burst, remember to turn your outside water spouts off completely,  drain your garden hose, and store it for the winter.

Life is busy and often it’s hard to find the time to take care of these things.  If you don’t have some healthy teenagers hanging around in your home that can help with fall cleanup work, give us a call.

We’re experts at getting properties ready for the long Vermont winters.   Call 802-343-6378

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